Our Mamaki Tea

Experienced and authentic.

That’s our promise to you. We have years of expertise and history in Hawaii.  Supplied by the purest water in the world, the most fertile volcanic soil, and a perfectly mild climate, our mamaki has the perfect combination of sunshine and micronutrients and is rich in polyphenol antioxidants and minerals. Purchase supreme quality mamaki for your health with absolute confidence that you have the best in the world.  

That’s our promise to you. 


Growing Conditions

Imagine you can feel the cool breeze, the sunshine on your face, and smell the lush green tropics.  Breathe the exotic, fragrant Hawaiian air. See the dew drops of the purest water nurturing the plants. Take a deep breath and sink into harmony with nature. 

This is the environment our mamaki thrives in every day. The first time you take a sip of our smooth revitalizing tea will be your first sensory trip to Hawaii. In the concrete commute of life, slow it down to the pace of Hawaii.



Vitality. Life. Essence. These all originate from the pure, pristine waters of Hawaii. This clear, bubbling water is the source that our mamaki plants drink passing on that vitality to you. 

Hawaiian water is repeatedly classified by the latest scientific evidence as some of the purest and safest water in the world. Rainfall at higher elevations is in its purest form, because it has not been defiled by contaminates.

Rainwater that does seep through the soil absorbs the rich, abundant nutrients supplied by the volcanic soil and is purified. Water that contains the specific nutrients imparted through volcanic lava is rare and therefore highly desirable as a water source for Mamaki.

Volcanic Soil

You feed your body on the best things. If soil is the food of plants, then we require only the best. According to research on Volcanoes by U.S. Geological Survey, volcanic materials ultimately break down to form some of the most fertile soils on earth. These soils contain rich nutrients, scarce trace elements, and exotic minerals, which are all passed through to the plant.

A study published in Macmillian Magazines is quoted, “The chemical characteristics of Hawaiian lavas differ substantially from those of average continental crust” providing exceptional nutrient value in our mamaki.  When you sip our perfect cup of tea, your body receives all the goodness of those rare nutrients from the exotic Hawaiian lava.