Our Mission

A passion for health. A powerful mission. Our expert has a calling.

Before he died, the foremost expert on Mamaki, Henry Awai said his one desire was to take Mamaki to the world. He knew the secret it contained. He knew the powerful properties of this supreme leaf, and the potential for individuals who would sip its unsurpassed benefits.  He only needed someone to help him fulfill that mission.  Mamaki of Hawaii has answered the call.  

For 35 years, Mamaki of Hawaii's expert horticulturist owned and operated a Hawaii nursery.  Together we have combined experience, purpose and a passion to fulfill Henry Awai's dream.  Our professional staff of trained and degreed experts on Mamaki have now met the challenge of making Mamaki available to you. 

Our dedicated team is given to the cultivation, care, and love of Mamaki, so you can now experience the miracle of Mamaki. Mamaki of Hawaii is realizing one man’s life dream, so your life can be revitalized now.