Preferred Customer Benefits

There are 3 easy steps in setting up your preferred customer account:

1. Create your free preferred customer account.

2. Login to your account from or the Mama-Kii™ email that was sent to you after you signed up. (Check email spam if you didn't receive an email.)

3. For cash back on your personal purchases copy the link under the title "REFERRAL CODE" that is labeled "YOUR LINK" and Paste that link in your URL box and click enter to track your cash back on all your personal purchases or get cash back on all referrals by clicking on the social networking icons below the link labeled "POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA" and those icons will post an advertisement on all your social networking sites and you will get cash back on anyone who clicks on that promotional link and purchases Mama-Kii™ product.


Please Read our Terms & Conditions plus all Policies on the website before you enroll in the Preferred Customer Program.

* It's free to create a preferred customer account
* Earn cash back on all Mama-Kii™ purchases and referrals through your link
* There is no cap on the cash back you can earn
* Easy access to all your clicks and commissions through your account
* We pay cash back commissions monthly
* Cancel at anytime