10 Target Snacks You Don’t Want to Miss Out On


Trail Mix: Target offers a variety of trail mix options, including sweet, savory, and protein-packed blends. They make for a convenient and satisfying snack on the go.

Hummus and Veggie Packs: Look for pre-packaged hummus with veggie sticks for a nutritious and delicious snack option.


Greek Yogurt: Target carries a wide selection of Greek yogurt brands and flavors. Greek yogurt is high in protein and calcium, making it a filling and nutritious snack choice.


Nut Butter Packs: Individual packs of almond butter, peanut butter, or other nut butters are great for spreading on crackers or fruit slices.


Popcorn: Target offers a variety of popcorn options, including air-popped, flavored, and pre-packaged single servings.


Protein Bars: Look for protein bars with clean ingredients and a good balance of protein, carbs, and fats. They're perfect for a quick energy boost or post-workout snack.


Dried Fruit: Target's dried fruit selection includes classics like raisins, apricots, and cranberries, as well as exotic options like mango and pineapple.


Rice Cakes: Rice cakes are a low-calorie, crunchy snack that can be topped with nut butter, hummus, or avocado for extra flavor and nutrition.


Cheese Sticks: Look for individually wrapped cheese sticks or cheese cubes for a convenient and satisfying snack option.


Energy Balls: Target often carries pre-made energy balls or bites made from nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.