8 Places You Should Never Keep Your Phone

Back Pocket

Keeping your phone in your back pocket can lead to accidental sitting or bending, which may damage the phone or cause it to fall out.

Bathroom Counter or Sink

Moisture from sinks and countertops can be damaging to your phone. It's best to keep it away from areas where water is frequently used.

Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause overheating and potentially damage your phone's internal components.

Car Dashboard

The extreme temperatures on a car's dashboard, especially on hot days, can cause your phone to overheat and potentially damage the battery.

Near Household Cleaners or Chemicals

Household cleaners and chemicals can be corrosive and harmful to your phone's screen and casing.

Near Magnetic Objects

Strong magnets, such as those found in speakers or magnetic phone holders, can interfere with your phone's internal components and potentially cause data loss.

In a Packed Backpack or Bag without Protection

Placing your phone in a bag without any protective casing or separate compartment can lead to scratches, damage from other items, or even accidental bending.

On the Edge of High Surfaces

Placing your phone on the edge of a table, counter, or other high surface increases the risk of it falling and potentially getting damaged.

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