Explaining America's 8 Most Popular House Architecture Styles

Craftsman-style homes are Arts & Crafts. As an alternative to grandiose Victorian architecture, this style became popular in the early 1900s.


Offering simple layouts and classic, traditional design elements, the colonial is one of the most common architectural styles found across the country.


With a convenient single-story layout and an easy-to-maintain floorplan, the ranch-style home is a sought-after style in the United States for good reason.


This Cape Cod-style home is known for its warmth. The modest, classic style has steeply pitched roofs and rectangular shape.

Cape Cod

The American farmhouse has humble origins. In the 18th and 19th centuries, these simple, rectangular homes were designed to serve a purpose: Shelter for farmers and their families.


The shingle-style home originated in the Northeastern United States as a rejection of ornate Victorian architecture — similar to how the craftsman emerged on the West Coast


Split-level homes have staggered floors and are sometimes called tri-levels. To reach the second floor and basement, a short staircase is used.


A-frame cabins are commonly found in cold-weather vacation spots. The steeply sloped roof allows for snow to fall off the roof rather than accumulate on top.


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