Seven Bad Habits That Boost Your Likability

You might be surprised to learn that caffeine addiction can make you more relatable.

Always Running On Caffeine

While constantly checking your phone might seem like a distraction, it can also show that you’re in tune with current events and trends.

Constantly Checking Social Media

Let’s face it, we’ve all put off a task or two (or twenty). While procrastination might not be the most productive habit, it can make you more relatable to others


A perfectly tidy desk or an immaculately clean car can be impressive, but a little bit of messiness can actually make you more approachable.

Being A Little Messy

While it’s important to have boundaries, being open and willing to share personal stories can make you more likable

Oversharing Personal Stories

Tripping over your own feet or spilling your drink might be embarrassing in the moment, but these little clumsy moments can actually make you more endearing.

Being A Bit Clumsy

We’ve all been there – you tell a joke that you find hilarious, but the response from others is less than enthusiastic

Laughing At Their Own Jokes

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